Lakeshore Learning Store: Numberbots

20160612_133637We took advantage of Lakeshore Learning Store’s free craft time last Saturday and I was thoroughly pleased. The boys had a blast trying out the learning tools and toys that the store had to offer. Although, my boys weren’t the slightest bit interested in the rocket craft activity, the really enjoyed exploring the play area and looking at everything in the store.

We ran across these Numberbots and they were an immediate hit; along with the Alphabots. These little transforming numbers and letters kept their attention for about 20 mintues in the store! They would explore for a bit and end up right back at the same table. Needless to say, I gave in a bought them. 20160612_133705

If your boys are into transformers, super heros, legos, etc, these are likely to be an easy tool to use for letter and number recognition while playing! All three of our boys play with them, even our 8 year old.

If there is a Lakeshore Learning Store near you I urge you to give their FREE Saturday craft time a try.


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